The City of Tuscaloosa is looking for candidates to fill a vacancy on its Planning & Zoning Commission, a municipal spokesperson announced Thursday.

The PZC meets at least once a month to review any plans in progress before presenting recommendations on any given building project to the City Council.

The commission has focused lately on increased street lighting, retail development and the a continued moratorium on the development of new student housing mega complexes.

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The position will involve several key duties, including:

  • Approving the City's comprehensive framework
  • Approval of subdivisions within the City and its planning jurisdiction
  • Approval of planned unit developments outside City limits
  • Approval of historic buffer cases
  • Providing recommendations on several aspects of City infrastructure, including:
    • Planned Unit Developments within City limits
    • Changes to the Zoning text
    • Changes to the Zoning map
    • Street vacations
    • Downtown/Riverfront Overlay District applications
    • Riverfront Development District applications

The application deadline is December 23rd, at which point all candidates will be reviewed and recommended by Mayor Walt Maddox. The term for the position lasts six years.

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