A new lawsuit filed against Northport City Councilwoman Christy Bobo accuses her of stealing more than $109,000 in personal property belonging to her family.

Bobo was charged with felony first-degree theft following a Monday night council meeting on November 1st and was released from the Tuscaloosa County Jail on a $15,000 bond later that night.

The councilwoman is now facing both a civil suit and criminal case, both pertaining to disputes over the estate of her late father, Danny Earl Bobo.

The lawsuit consists of four counts, all pertaining to the wrongful taking and possession of property. These include conversion, detinue and replevin, trespass to personal property and conversion by theft of property.

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The plaintiff, Jennie Hughes, is the personal representative of Danny Bobo and his estate following his death last October. The suit says Hughes was appointed to the position on January 11 and is charged with marshaling the assets of the estate and distributing them to the beneficiaries in Danny Bobo's will.

The suit lists 45 total items that were allegedly taken from the property, valued at approximately $109,196.91. It asks for the return of said property, damages for the reasonable value of the property and compensatory and punitive damages.

Bobo's indictment claims that she "did knowingly obtain or exert unauthorized control to obtain" certain items that belonged to her father. Since he passed, all 45 items are now part of his estate. According to the lawsuit, some of the items of highest approximate value included:

  • John Deere Utility Tractor: $44,000.00
  • Kubota Mower: $10,784.31
  • Better Built Trailer: $10,000.00
  • John Deere 2510 Gas Wide Front Tractor: $10,000.00
  • Snap-On Tool Chest, Full of Assorted Tools: $6,000.00
  • Kawasaki Mule: $5,000.00

Bobo has served as the Northport councilwoman for District 1 for about a year, but could have her seat revoked if she is convicted of a felony, according to Alabama law. She will maintain her position on the council while the case proceeds through the justice system.

In an exclusive statement made to Tuscaloosa Patch when she was first charged, Bobo said that the criminal charge was intended to sway the civil cases, which have been underway for some time.

"Allegations have been presented in civil court to which I have responded," Bobo said. "Trying to attach a criminal charge is nothing more than a ploy to gain an advantage in a civil matter to try to stir up charges that are simply not true."

The Tuscaloosa Thread reached out to the attorney representing Bobo for a follow-up comment on any updates in the ongoing litigation, but as of Tuesday afternoon, they have not responded.

Stay connected to The Tuscaloosa Thread for more information as it becomes available.

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