A city councilwoman in Northport is no longer in jeopardy of a disqualifying felony conviction after a circuit judge dismissed the charges against her last summer.

The news, first reported by Tuscaloosa Patch Thursday, was confirmed in court documents obtained by the Thread.

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As a refresher, District 1 City Councilwoman Christy Bobo was accused of taking 45 items worth more than $100,000 in personal property whose ownership was disputed after the death of Bobo's father.

She was charged with first-degree theft of property in November 2021, but court documents show that charge was dismissed last August.

The deputy district attorney who filed the motion to dismiss the case said Bobo returned the property in question to the alleged victims in this case and that they no longer wished to pursue criminal charges against her.

Tuscaloosa County Circuit Court Judge Allen granted the motion to dismiss.

"It feels so good when truth comes to light!" Bobo said on Facebook after the first report was published Thursday.

Bobo, who is serving her first term on the Northport City Council, was named council president pro tem this month after councilman John Hinton, who formerly held that title, was named mayor in the wake of Bobby Herndon's resignation.

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