The Bloody Tuesday Committee in Tuscaloosa is gearing up for the 58th Anniversary of the historical event, which will take place on June 5.

According to a release from the committee, "Bloody Tuesday" occurred on June 9, 1964 after Reverend T. Y. Rogers, Jr. and the Tuscaloosa Citizens for Action Committee organized a march from First African Baptist Church to the Tuscaloosa County Courthouse to advocate for the integration of restrooms and water fountains.

The marchers were beaten by police and a mob of citizens, with almost three dozen protestors hospitalized and nearly 100 more jailed during the event.

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Rogers, who was the pastor of the church, was a former assistant pastor to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery.

The committee said the event aims "to recognize those brave foot soldiers who were a part of the unforgettable nightmare, and to raise awareness of the historical “March” that helped to open the doors and alter the course of segregation in the city."

Irene Byrd, the chairman of publicity for the event, was 16 years old when the event took place and was one of the foot soldiers in the march, where Rogers and 90 others were arrested, 30 were hospitalized and countless other ran away.

"It is very important to continue to keep the history of that day alive. Remembering the man who lead the march, the Rev. T. Y. Rogers, Jr. and the reason for the march is so vital to the present and future generations," Byrd said.

The event will take place at First African Baptist Church at 6 p.m. The church is located at 2621 Stillman Boulevard.

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