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Bibb County is one of several other counties in Central Alabama that have been greatly impacted by Thursday's severe weather, which produced a massive tornado outbreak across the state. Cities such as Brent, Centreville and West Blocton suffered significant damage including heavy debris, property damage and power outages.

Before The Storm:

Once the National Weather Service in Birmingham issued a tornado watch for Bibb county, ABC 33/40 and Townsquare Media Tuscaloosa's chief meteorologist James Spann and other local officials sprung into action. Residents were immediately alerted and encouraged to be prepared, seek shelter, and clear all roads within the surrounding areas.

Weather updates escalated quickly as the initial tornado watch turned into a warning when a twister was spotted rapidly approaching Bibb county. Alabama Meteorologist Spinks Megginson sent out live storm updates on his twitter to ensure local residents stayed safe and aware.

Check out some of Megginson's Bibb County severe weather tweets below:

The Aftermath:

Collectively, Centreville, Brent and West Blocton all suffered an extensive amount of damage from Thursday's severe weather. Local officials and residents have shared multiple photos of destroyed homes, businesses, vehicles and large trees snapped in half.

Bibb County currently does not have any reported fatalities and only a few minor injuries.

Check out some of the tweets below highlighting storm damage from Thursday's severe weather and tornado outbreak:

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Beginning The Recovery Process:

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