There is no threat to the public or the automotive plant after an armed man was seen walking near Mercedes Benz U.S. International Monday, police have confirmed to the Tuscaloosa Thread.

A post on Facebook about the man went viral Tuesday, as people questioned who the man was and why he was so visibly armed near the facility.

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One prevalent rumor circulated suggesting the man was an MBUSI employee who had been recently fired and was returning to the plant with a gun -- but the Thread has confirmed the truth is far less sinister.

A spokesperson for the Tuscaloosa Police Department confirmed that Vance Police officers made contact with the individual after multiple 911 calls about a man walking near the Mercedes exit off Interstate 20/59.

The man had no criminal intent, though -- his vehicle had reportedly broken down and he was walking to get help but did not want to leave the firearm in his car unattended.

The man was released without criminal charges after speaking with the Vance Police.

The incident took place just before 6 a.m. Monday morning, police said, and there was no reason for alarm.

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