The 2022 Alabama Primary Elections took place today. Here are the results of several races significant to the Tuscaloosa area following poll closings.

Republican incumbent governor Kay Ivey declared victory in her party's Primary as election results continue to come in.

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Yolanda Flowers and Malika Sanders-Fortier are projected to head to a run-off election for the Democratic nomination in the governor's race.

Katie Britt and Mo Brooks are projected to head to a run-off election for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Richard Shelby.

Democrat Will Boyd won his party's nomination for the US Senate seat outright.

Ron Bolton overcame Kimberly Madison in a Republican race for House District 61 seat, which represents parts of Northport and Pickens County. Incumbent Rodney Sullivan did not seek re-election.

*Denotes Incumbent

Bold lettering indicates a declared winner or runoff participant

Alabama Governor Republican Nominee:

  • Kay Ivey*: 54.42%
  • Lindy Blanchard: 19.23%
  • Lew Burdette: 6.55%
  • Stacy Lee George: 0.40%
  • Tim James:16.19%
  • Donald Trent Jones: 0.60%
  • Dean Odle:1.60%
  • Dave Thomas: 0.45%
  • Dean Young: 0.37%

Alabama Governor Democratic Nominee:

  • Yolanda Rochelle Flowers: 33.83%
  • Malika Sanders Fortier: 32.51%
  • Patricia Salter Jamieson: 11.70%
  • Arthur Kennedy: 9.31%
  • Chad "Chig" Martin: 5.57%
  • Doug "New Blue" Smith: 7.08%

U.S. Senate Republican:

  • Katie Britt: 44.73%
  • Mo Brooks: 29.14%
  • Karla DuPriest: 0.90%
  • Mike Durant: 23.32%
  • Jake Schafer: 1.15%
  • Lillie BoddieL 0.76%

U.S. Senate Democratic:

  • Will Boyd: 63.69%
  • Brandaun Dean: 19.49%
  • Lanny Jackson: 16.82%

State Representative, District No. 61:

  • Ron Bolton: 4,081
  • Kimberly A. Madison: 2,843

For vote totals as they come in and results from other state-wide elections, visit the secretary of state's website here. This story will be updated with those figures when they are finalized.

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