The Alabama Council on Developmental Disabilities is now accepting applications for membership.

The Council is responsible for developing a state plan and approving grants to improve the lives of Alabamians with developmental disabilities and their families. Activities include providing outreach, education and advocacy.

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The 36-member council is appointed by Alabama's governor, and includes individuals with developmental disabilities, parents/guardians of juvenile children with developmental disabilities, immediate relatives or legal guardians of adults with mentally impairing conditions who cannot advocate for themselves, people with a developmental disability who live or have lived in an institution or an immediate relative or legal guardian of the same, representatives from state agencies that provide services and supports to people with developmental disabilities and representatives from private agencies and nonprofits concerned with services for people with developmental disabilities.

Most members are appointed for a maximum of two consecutive three-year terms of service on the Council.

Those wishing to apply for membership can fill out an application at

Alternate formats are available by request by contacting Darryle Powell at 334-242-3976 or Applicants will receive a confirmation email and/or letter confirming receipt of the application.

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