High school juniors are scheduled to take the ACT test on Tuesday, March 9th, and TCS is altering plans for in-person instruction for the remainder of its high school students.

The Tuscaloosa City School System announced the changes Wednesday in a press release:

Including breaks, the test session lasts approximately five hours. Juniors, including full-time virtual students, will report to campus to take the ACT with Writing adhering to social distancing guidelines. TCS will administer the exam with a maximum of 12 students per testing room and desks spaced six feet apart. All full-time virtual students must test on campus.

Freshmen, sophomores, and seniors will all complete virtual assignments on the day the ACT test is administered.

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"By allowing the freshmen, sophomores, and seniors to work from home virtually, TCS can accommodate all students, in multiple rooms with multiple test administrators in order to make the testing environment safe and conducive for testing," said Kelly Norstrom, Director of College and Career Readiness. "ACT is a college admissions test that allows students to potentially gain admission to college and earn academic merit scholarships which is why TCS is working hard to make sure our juniors are in the best possible test setting."

For more information, visit the Tuscaloosa City Schools website HERE.

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