Police do not currently suspect foul play was involved in the deaths of three adults who were found in an SUV that was submerged in floodwaters near Tuscaloosa Thursday morning.

The vehicle was discovered as waters receded in Holt near Main Street Northeast and Short 19th Street Northeast after it was completely submerged following heavy rains and flooding Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

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The case is being investigated by the Tuscaloosa Violent Crimes Unit, which looks into all unnatural deaths that occur within Tuscaloosa County.

VCU Commander Jack Kennedy said all three victims are adults, and were not family members. He said police believe they were friends or acquaintances traveling together.

The victims included one man, 72. and two women who were 58 and 42.

Kennedy said the working theory is that the SUV left the roadway or was swept away by moving waters and then sank into a deeper drainage area just off the main road.

The vehicle was under several feet of water and invisible to the naked eye until floodwaters receded Thursday and uncovered part of the SUV.

Investigators then made the decision to remove the car from the area to prevent loss of evidence -- Kennedy said the car was full of water, mud and other debris and needed to be examined at a different location.

Kennedy said the victims' families have all been notified of the tragedy, and that all three bodies will be sent to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences in Montgomery for autopsy.

At this time, their identities have not been publicly released.

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