The Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter has a chance to win some serious money with the help of the Tuscaloosa community. Voting takes less than 5 minutes!

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Recently, the shelter was celebrated by the nonprofit Petco Love thanks to a heart-warming story submitted by Mary Calhoun and Jim Chestnut of Tuscaloosa. Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter was surprised with a $1,000 check from Petco Love as part of their Petco Love Stories campaign.


Mary and Jim’s heartwarming story of how their adopted dog, Ellie, changed their life was selected as one of 100 Love Stories winners from across the country this year.

“Mary and Jim’s story shows how adopted pets change our lives for the better and we are so thankful they shared their story in the annual Petco Love Stories campaign to help us receive a grant award. These funds will help us bring more pets in need together with loving families,” said Jennifer Earp, Director at Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter. “Now you can help us save even more pet lives by voting for our story in the People’s Choice competition.”

The top five stories with the most votes will earn additional grant funding up to $25,000! Tuscaloosa and all surrounding areas, it's time for us to step up and help out one of our local organizations that could really use this money. Now is the time to vote, we only have until December 15th.

This money could be used to provide resources, programs, and information needed to build a more humane community that values animals in the Tuscaloosa Metro.


"This grant would mean the world to the shelter," Catherine Moore of TMAS said.

"To be able to expand and improve our programs would be such a big deal. We could do some big things for our foster program, like purchasing 'surrogate moms' that stimulate the feel of a mother’s warmth while still using a bottle for orphaned newborn pets that thrive off the feeling of nursing from their mother. This could save a lot of newborn puppies and kittens that come in orphaned and alone.  Having the means to update our facilities would be a huge blessing."
To vote for the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter, click this link. Make sure you cast your vote today. Voting ends on December 15th.

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