The historic Southland restaurant is back in West Alabama--for a limited audience.

The renowned local restaurant had closed its doors earlier this spring without definite plans of reopening.

This past week, owner Homer Perry confirmed Southland is back and serving food as of Wednesday, July 5.

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Additionally, Perry revealed that the restaurant's legendary sauce would be returning as well. This was confirmed Wednesday to the Steve and DC Morning Show on 95.3 The Bear in Tuscaloosa.

However, most residents will be disappointed to find that Southland's offerings will only be available to a select few.

Perry posted on July 1 that the restaurant would be re-opening inside the BF Goodrich plant and would only be accessible to "employees and suppliers that come into the plant."

Perry's post revealed that the restaurant, with a grand opening on Wednesday, July 12, will feature a "new and improved menu" as well.

There is no word yet whether Southland plans to expand its offerings to the general public.

In a Facebook comment, Perry said Southland would be "at the moment, just inside the plant."

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