Possibly the most iconic snack company in the South has been housed in Alabama for years. It's looking like that will no longer be the case in the coming months.

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It feels like taking a field trip to the Golden Flake factory was a right of passage growing up in Birmingham and surrounding areas in Alabama.

Students could always look forward to watching that iconic video explaining how employees made the iconic Golden Flake chips.


Could you imagine life without Golden Flake snacks?!

The Golden Flake factory has even been named as a must-visit attractions on sites like Bham Now, Trip Advisor, Alabama Travel, and Homeschool Buyers Club. 

A first grade class in Birmingham took a trip to the factory and students enjoyed fresh hot chips right out of the fryer.


Bear Bryant even did a Golden Flake commercial back in 1973.

According to AP News, the Pennsylvania company Utz Brands will no longer make Golden Flake snacks in Alabama.


Utz Brands will be closing its Birmingham, Alabama Golden Flake factory in early July, laying off about 175 workers.



"The decision reflects the company’s dedication to network optimization and cost containment," Utz said in a statement according to AP News.

Many may begin to worry that the factory closing will mean no more Golden Flake snacks in Alabama but that isn't the case.

Snacks will still be available in Alabama, the factory will no longer be in Birmingham.

Mary K, Townsquare Media

According to AP News, Utz said it would spend $3 million to $5 million on closing the Alabama factory. The fees in the closure include $1.5 million in employee severance payments, with the rest being spent to transfer production.

To read more about the Golden Flake factory closure, click here to visit AP News. 

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