During Thursday’s council meeting, The City of Northport unanimously approved the purchase of 151 acres of land off of Rose Boulevard.

The $700,000 land acquisition could potentially become a community aquatic center and house tournaments for youth sports.

The Black Warrior Solid Waste Disposable Authority sold a portion of their land to the City of Northport with hopes of increasing recreational land within the city. The land sold for approximately $4,600 an acre.

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“We are very fortunate in that, with Northport First Funds, that we have cash on hand to be able to purchase this property for recreational uses,” said City Administrator Glenda Webb.

Council President Jeff Hogg mentioned this purchase would provide an influx of cash into the city’s economy, and thanked the council for their cooperation and consideration.

“I want to thank the Black Warrior Solid Waste Disposable Authority for their willingness to consider this sale as well as the amendable negotiations we entered into,” she said.

While the construction date of the proposed facility is far off, this meeting was the first step in bettering Northport’s recreational endeavors. With this crucial decision out of the way, Northport’s council can move forward in developing its plan.

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