Alabama head coach Nick Saban addressed the media on Wednesday to preview the upcoming matchup against Tennessee.

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In this press conference, Saban noted the challenge he issued to the entire program this past week.

“Our emphasis this week has been on everybody self-assessing, coaches, myself, [and] players,” said Saban. “Do you really think you’re playing to the level that people respect? To the standard that we have here that your teammates respect? The discipline, the toughness, the effort to finish, focus on the next play, accountability to do your job? Those are basic fundamental things that I think are very important to being successful and that’s something that we really emphasized.”

Saban also talked about the players’ response to this during the week and mentioned the challenge ahead.

“The players have done a pretty good job so far this week,” said Saban. “We got a tremendous challenge against a really good team on the road, SEC game, Gameday, all the things that make great games so if you’re a great competitor you love great challenges and this is certainly going to be a great challenge for us in what we expect to be a difficult environment.”

Alabama survived a challenging game last week without its starting quarterback, but this week will feature a much tougher team in a rowdy environment.

The Alabama players will have to posses that “great competitor” mindset on Saturday as the Tide looks to take down No. 6 Tennessee in Knoxville.

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