Congratulations to the Hollister family, the 2023 Light Up Tuscaloosa Christmas Lights Display winners.

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Michael Hollister, this year's Light Up Tuscaloosa Winner, is a landscaper of 30 years. Meanwhile, his wife, Rhonda, is a vice principal at Tuscaloosa County High School.

Hollister mentioned that he loves to put up the light display for the kids in the neighborhood, "I do it for the kids. They love the decorations, and their parents do too. I enjoy putting them up anyway."

A light display as extravagant as the Hollister's isn't done overnight, "I start the day after Halloween and try to have them done by Thanksgiving night."

Christmas is the  Hollister's favorite holiday, "by far." Michael also mentioned that his wife's students from the school will ask when the light display will be up so they can come by and see them. He also said the students will offer to help, but he loves to do it himself. If there is a tall tree he will recruit some help.

The Hollisters want to outdo themselves every year and have no plans to stop in 2024.

"While we have not figured out how we're going to do it next year yet, we know we want to outdo ourselves every year. My wife's boss mentioned that we should get a wildcat decoration for County High next year. We just might have to do that."

Check out the Hollisters' display, along with the rest of this year's submissions in a gallery of photos below! Happy Holidays!

Light Up Tuscaloosa 2023 Contestants

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Gallery Credit: (J. R. Moore | Townsquare Media)

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