Former Alabama Crimson Tide and current Tennessee Titans wide receiver Julio Jones denied all accusations made against him and former Atlanta Falcons teammate Roddy White by Genetixs.

“For me, my legal team is going to handle that,” Jones said Saturday, via Paul Kuharsky of “That’s not the case, but that’s just for them [the legal team] to handle that.”


The California based cannabis company has filed a lawsuit against the pair for allegedly harvesting and selling cannabis on the black market out of its facility. Furthermore the company alleges the pair laundered money arising from the sales. Both former Falcons originally invested in Genetixs through White's company, SLW Holdings.

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Jones is represented by Attorney for White's company Rafe Emmanuel. He issued a statement to The Tennessean on the matter at hand.

“The vague allegations against SLW Holdings LLC and it’s members Roddy White and Julio Jones are meritless,” Emanuel said. “In May, SLW obtained a temporary restraining order in a related civil case to prevent unlawful conduct involving Genetixs LLC. In reply, the defendants argued conspiracy theories that were not proven by evidence in court, nor were they substantiated before any agency. We look forward to again defending these conspiracy theories against my clients in court.”

The lawsuit against Jones and White and multiple other defendants allege the group has been selling $3 million worth of cannabis per month since March totally $15 million in alleged sales.

Jones was traded from the Atlanta Falcons to the Tennessee Titans during the most recent offseason. Jones joins fellow Alabama alum Derrick Henry with the Titans and expectations are high for the AFC South franchise in 2021.

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