The National Weather Service in Birmingham has increased the potential ice and freezing rain accumulation. “Another impulse is expected to arrive in a few hours and reinvigorate areas of precipitation to our west, which will move across central Alabama tonight through Tuesday morning.”

The concern is that Alabamians could experience the potential for slippery roads and walkways, plus there is the possibility of sporadic power outages.

Be Prepared for Very Cold Temperatures

The Townsquare Media Coverage will feel the impacts of dangerously cold temperatures and wind chill values.

These “very cold temperatures will nudge southward tonight with a layer of above-freezing air a few thousand feet off the ground. This will result in sleet and freezing rain for our area instead of the snow being seen to our north,” said the National Weather Service in Birmingham. 

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Looks Might Be Deceiving

Be cautious tonight, as precipitation might look like rain but could be either sleet or freezing rain.

If the temperature at your location drops to 32 degrees or below, there is a chance that the raindrops will freeze upon contact with surfaces such as roads, walkways, and power lines, resulting in a hazardous layer of ice. Additionally, some areas may experience sleet.

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National Weather Service

Be sure to stay alert and take necessary precautions. You are encouraged to stay off the roads tonight into Tuesday. However, the National Weather Service in Birmingham said, "If you MUST travel, allow extra travel time, decrease your speed, and take some extra items with you in case you become stranded (coat, blanket, water, phone charger).”

“Travel impacts could last through Tuesday as high temperatures hold at or below freezing for much of central Alabama, especially for sheltered/shaded roadways,” said the National Weather Service in Birmingham. 

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Latest Wintry Precipitation Details from the NWS

Where: All of central Alabama

When: Through Tuesday morning

Threats: Accumulating sleet and freezing rain

Impacts: Potential for slippery roads and walkways, sporadic power outages

Bitterly Cold Temperatures Update

Where: All of central Alabama

When: Monday night through Tuesday morning

Threats: A long-duration cold wave with a hard freeze; wind chill values as low as the single digits below zero

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