Brandon Miller has been in the national spotlight all season. Earlier in the year, it was due to his stellar play on the hardwood. As of late, it's been because of his alleged connection to the tragic death of Jamea Harris on Jan 15.

A great amount of national attention turned to Tuscaloosa when Miller's name came up in a preliminary bond hearing for Darius Miles and his co-suspect, Michael Lynn Davis. Tuscaloosa VCU investigator Branden Culpepper testified that Miller had drove his car to the scene of the shooting, which contained Miles' firearm. Within seconds of his arrival, Miles had retrieved the gun and passed it off. The rest has been well-documented.

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Miller's attorney then clarified the allegations a day later with a statement released hours before tipoff in Columbia, S.C., stating that Miller was simply there to pick up his friend who had asked for a ride and didn't know the gun was in the car.

Police have maintained throughout this process that Miller is a highly cooperated witness, not a suspect.

Despite all of this being easily available information, many pundits have continued to beat the drum that Miller should be suspended, kicked off the team, or arrested. That vitriol hatred going across public and private airwaves all day has led to Miller receiving threats credible enough to cause him to be guarded by security.

“If you guys saw what I’ve seen sent his way, I think you’d understand why that’s the case. I don’t wanna get into all that. The entire situation, as you know, is a heartbreaking situation on all accounts. But some of the messages from people that can sit behind fake email addresses but who knows if they’re even real or not that I’ve seen is something that nobody would ever want their son to read," said Nate Oats at his media availability Wednesday.

“I treat my players like sons. I don’t have a son, I’ve got three daughters. But I put myself in his parents’ shoes. Our administration has seen stuff that I’ve seen, and it’s appropriate. It’s nothing a college kid should have to go through. I think if you were able to see what I’ve seen, you’d understand why that’s going on right now.”

The threats are ugly and unjustified. Miller has been cleared of wrongdoing by the police and school. Even NBA executives aren't worried about this incident following him going forward and say it won't effect his draft stock.

Maybe if it weren't for the likes of Clay Travis and Joseph Goodman continuing to insist on slamming Miller for something he didn't do, people wouldn't be emboldened enough to make these threats.

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