Former Alabama offensive lineman Bill Searcey has passed away Monday according to his family. Searcey played for the Crimson Tide from 1978-81 winning two national championships and three SEC titles under Bear Bryant. Searcey passed away due to complications with pancreatic cancer.

The offensive lineman was once considered the strongest player to ever come through the Crimson Tide football program and went on to have a short professional career until injuries and addiction derailed his playing days.

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Searcey was a frequent guest on "The Game with Ryan Fowler" discussing offensive line play, playing for Bear Bryant and inspiring listeners with his story of overcoming addiction and faith in Jesus Christ.

Ryan Fowler shares his thoughts on the former Alabama lineman.

Bill Searcey was an easy guy to like, it was easy to build a friendship with him. My friendship started in our old studio where Bill came into share his story and discuss the book, "High Tide: A Story of Football, Freefall and Forgiveness". That evening Bill and I went out to dinner following my show and kicked off a 10-12 year friendship.


We had a lot in common including his faith in Jesus Christ. We featured Bill every couple of months during the offseason but much more frequently during the CFB season. Searcey would always incorporate what it was like to play for coach Paul "Bear" Bryant and how going through those difficult practice days under Bryant provided Searcey some confidence that helped him overcome obstacles that he faced in life. He also used his life struggles to encourage other people who might be going through similar issues.


He was an inspiration to many of our listeners. Searcey would talk openly about his faith in Jesus Chris ant was an ambassador for our faith. I could talk another 10 hours about Bill Searcey. I watched Bill go through many other hurdles and each time with God's help he was able to overcome those struggles.


He met every one of those hurdles like a true champion just like he did as a player here at UA, winning three SEC championships, two national titles, he never lost to rivals Auburn and Tennessee. Bill fought cancer with the same attitude, he never gave up. He played all four quarters and he left it on the playing field we call life. Bill was my friend and I am going to miss him often.


Salute to a real champion on and off the field. Thank you Searcey for your friendship and I know we will meet again someday. Roll Tide, Bill Searcey.

Celebrate Searcey's life and his impact on the Crimson Tide by listening to some of his appearances with Fowler on his radio program.





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