Alabama's political leaders have given a response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Governor Kay Ivey's Twitter account made a simple plea to keep Ukrainians in their thoughts through the violence.

The term "don't poke the bear" has been tossed around social media and news analysis in reference to Russian President Vladimir Putin and his veiled threats of retaliation to any third-party involvement in support of Ukraine. Alabama Senator Richard Shelby's response through Twitter doesn't encourage poking the bear, but it does evoke a spirit to stand ground against it.

Senator Tommy Tuberville is less supportive of American soldiers joining the effort to aid Ukraine. Tuberville spoke with NBC 15 in Mobile before the invasion and explained his stance based on a recent trip to the country and a conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy who Tuberville said wished to have the Ukrainian people defend themselves.

He posted his statement to his Facebook account.

Representative Jerry Carl of Alabama District 1 told FOX Business he was frustrated with President Joe Biden's response time because of the information available concerning Russia's intent.

According to the AP News, U.S. Intelligence had correctly predicted the manner with which Putin and his Russian forces would strike Ukraine. President Biden's course of action has since fallen under scrutiny by the likes of Rep. Carl. Biden attempted to assure that despite Russia's persistence in the face of the United States' knowledge, the U.S. will act accordingly.

“We shared declassified evidence about Russia’s plans and false pretext so that there could be no confusion or cover-up about what Putin’s doing,” he said. “Putin is the aggressor. Putin chose this war. And now he and his country will bear the consequences.”

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As for Representative Mo Brooks, he condemned Putin's follow-through and shared his sympathies with the Ukrainian people.

“Communist dictator Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine is barbaric and evil," Brooks said. "Putin brought war to a peaceful people. Unfortunately, Ukrainians are learning the hard way that freedom and a republican form of government are never granted, they are hard-won.”

He added that he believed the U.S. should be cautious and only provide military assistance with a direct request from European allies.

“While Putin’s Ukrainian invasion and murders are heinous, this is first and foremost a problem for Western Europe to resolve," Brooks said. "America should impose maximum economic sanctions to force a hefty price on Russia for its brutal Ukraine invasion. America should wait and consider military assistance to our European allies only if Europe asks and, even then, only if Europe takes the lead military role in whatever defensive measures, if any, Europe decides is appropriate to counter Russia’s barbaric invasion of an otherwise peaceful nation.”

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