The Tuscaloosa County Park and Recreation Authority will have a new marketing manager promoting their news and facilities as their longtime spokeswoman retires after 15 years.

Becky Booker has long been the media's contact within PARA and an integral part of organizing. working and capturing their countless events in the region, but is retiring and passing the reins to Heather Shipley.

“It has been my pleasure to serve alongside PARA’s award-winning team and multidisciplinary teams in our community to deliver the very best in park and recreation programs and services,” Booker said. "I firmly believe that a community hoping for greatness must have great parks, recreation, and art for its people. Team PARA is in a positive position with engaging new leadership, and I am confident about the good work that will continue in the future."

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Shipley's first day on the job was November 6th, and she hit the ground running, having already announced the grand marshals for PARA's West Alabama Christmas Parade Monday.

PARA said she is a former full-time instructor of communications at The University of Alabama in the Culverhouse School of Business where she taught upper-level students personal branding and professional communications.

She has also served as an ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama and worked as marketing director at Bryant Bank, bringing 15 years of experience to the role.

“As a Tuscaloosa resident I have long enjoyed the programs, centers, parks and opportunities PARA provides for our children and local community,” Shipley said. “I now look forward to furthering their mission by continuing to foster partnerships and communications with families and businesses throughout Tuscaloosa County. I’ve jumped right in with the Veterans Day Program and 2023 West Alabama Christmas Parade, and I couldn’t be more excited to once again contribute to our community!”

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