Jessica Dunnigan is Black Excellence.

Alabama native and University of Alabama alumna Jessica Dunnigan is a shining example of Black Excellence. She is from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and has a degree in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of Alabama.

In 2018, she started her business, Fearlessly Fit, to change the way people view fitness. Health is a passion. She created Fearlessly Fit to be more than a name but a lifestyle. You can find her on Instagram inspiring us all. She feels that her fitness training goes beyond the physical aspect but aims to reach the “heart, mind and soul of all her clients.”

Her mission is to use fitness as a pathway to empower people of all ages and fitness levels. She believes that every person deserves to feel healthy and confident. She says that “when you are healthy, confident, and loving yourself, you will truly be fearless in everything you do.”

As Heart disease and diabetes run high in the black community, Dunnigan wants to encourage women of any race, especially African Americans, to take advantage of health and wellness. She notes that “we must first start with ourselves and then teach the younger generation the importance of proper eating habits and physical activity.”

Jessica radiates fearlessness.

In addition to her skills as a trainer, she is also an athlete. She is a bodybuilder and competes in the figure and the fitness division. She recently received her International Federation of Body Building and Fitness pro card in July. This means that having your pro card is an honor in the bodybuilding arena in the bodybuilding world.

Dunnigan says that the “pro card proves you have put in the time and work in the sport. It’s almost like saying you paid your dues and permits you to compete with the best of the best at a professional level.”

Dunnigan has been in bodybuilding for 3 years. She started her journey in the pursuit of doing fitness modeling. She learned the importance of self-belief, discipline, consistency and how these factors are essential to a successful life. Dunnigan recognizes that bodybuilding is a sport but also a way to “build yourself spiritually and mentally.”

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We all look forward to cheering on Jessica as she makes her first pro debut in the Spring of 2022.

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