How important is it to Stillman College for engage in STEM programs? It is important enough for Dr. Moses Darpolor, Associate Professor of Biology and Chair of the Department of Natural Sciences at Stillman College, to secure funding!

According to a press release from the institution:

Stillman College has received funding for Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program (MSEIP). This grant will be in the amount of $240,000.00 per year for a total of 3 years.


It is said that the MSEIP assists predominantly minority institutions in effecting long-range improvement in science and engineering education programs, as the presence of ethnic minorities and women are underrepresented in science and engineering careers.

Students interested in the fields of biology, chemistry, bioengineering, mathematics and other STEM-related disciplines will have the opportunity to receive hands-on research experience, which encourages collaborative efforts with professionals in such areas.

In addition, undergraduate students enrolled in the program will be mentored through their individual career development plans.

This is great news for students with STEM-related interests and HBCU preferences, as the award will provide the funds to ensure adequate education and opportunity to these students at Stillman College.

Additionally, in the era of COVID-19 where funding is limited across the board, this acquisition is quite remarkable.

It is but one example of how the institution's leadership grasps at every opportunity to serve its student body with what's necessary to not only receive adequate education but to also compete in an ever-evolving world.

For more information on the areas of study offered, financial aid, and the latest news visit Stillman College online here.

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