Alabama head football coach Nick Saban used to be a young pupil. Saban has no shortage of memory when it comes to his grade school teachers.

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"I can name almost all my teachers. Ms. Jones first grade, Ms. Carpenter second grade, Ms. Herndon third grade, I can go through all of them," Saban said.

Why could Saban recall all of these names?

"Because most of the time I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to do so I was always getting corrected and all those corrections did make a difference."

Saban also learned a valuable coaching lesson from Ms. Matthews in his senior year.

"She didn’t teach everyone the same, which I think is important because everybody has different interest and a passion and we should bring that out in those people, regardless of what it is so they have a better chance to be successful in life," Saban said.

"They all had a significant impact on my life and I appreciate them more than they know."

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