Nothing is better after a full day of work than having a premium cocktail with friends and colleagues. Since returning to the Capstone this month, I have had many good cocktails at many wonderful establishments.

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One day in the office I was discussing some of my favorite cocktails and I mentioned that one of my preferred drinks is an old fashion. One of my co-workers mentioned that Session Cocktail & Spirits made one of the best old fashions he had ever tasted.


I will be honest, until now - I thought if you have had one old fashion, you have had them all. What else could be done to make it better?  Nonetheless, my co-worker who recommended Session is someone whom I hold in high regard, so I decided to give Session a try.


When I first walked into Session, a host greeted me and asked how many were there in my party.

I replied that it was just me and that I would like a seat at the bar. The first thing I noticed was the ambiance of the bar area itself. All the cocktails were well displayed with the more exclusive libations being on the top shelf.

The bartender approached me and presented me with a cocktail menu and asked how my night was going. I told her Session had been recommended to me for their old fashion - I have got to try it.


I watched her pour the bourbon and add the bitters and other ingredients, and then to my surprise; she cut a fresh orange slice which was a nice touch. She was very prompt in making my drink within just a few minutes a beautiful cocktail was sitting in front of me.

Now was the moment of truth time to taste the results and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

The first thing I noticed was the perfect aroma from the drink - it smelled fabulous. The taste that followed was even better. The combination of bourbon, bitters and the orange slice was perfect. The custom cocktail was just what was needed to start a great weekend and Session Cocktail & Spirits just got another loyal customer.

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