The regulatory body tasked with awarding licenses for the cultivation, processing, transport and sale of medical marijuana in Alabama has greenlit an applicant with plans to open a dispensary in Northport.

The Alabama Cannabis Commission approved two dozen licenses last week on August 10th - although WBRC and other statewide outlets are reporting that even those are in question after an applicant who was denied cried foul this week.

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Assuming those who were granted licenses last week are allowed to proceed, one of them is TheraTrue Alabama, LLC, which was awarded a highly coveted Integrated Facility license.

The Commission granted only five of these licenses and has no plans to award more at this time. They allow for tje cultivation, processing, transport, dispensing and sale of cannabis in different facilities spread across the state.

TheraTrue, already operating in Georgia and Virgina, plans to cultivate and process the cannabis in Demopolis and dispense it from five sites across Alabama in Montgomery, Gadsden, Northport, Birmingham and Mobile.

The Northport City Council OK'd dispensaries in the city limits last fall.

"I was very happy to hear that Northport was chosen as one of the dispensary locations in Alabama," Council President Jeff Hogg told the Thread. "With numerous studies of medical research that show the advancement and sometimes life-altering positive effects of this, I feel it will be a great thing for not only our citizens but surrounding areas as well."

Of all the facilities approved across the state, the TheraTrue dispensary is the only facility OK'd for Tuscaloosa County.


"Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are pharmaceutical in nature and don’t provide leaves or anything that can be smoked. It is highly regulated like a Pharmacy and will be treated as such in the City of Northport," Hogg said. "The purpose is to provide quality health benefits to our citizens who may benefit from a pill or topical treatment. Giving the citizens the right to choose their medical care and what they feel comfortable with is the goal of the council. Providing quality health and wellness measures is our top goal. We feel very fortunate to provide these options."

For updates on the plans as they progress, stay connected to the Tuscaloosa Thread.

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